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Troubleshooting is more fun
than planning.

Bead fearlessly!

Working in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms, I am constantly exploring the relationship between negative and positive space. Like words left unspoken, a beat of silence in music, or someoneís absence, a tension develops between a seemingly empty space and the mark or material pressing against it. My intention is to reveal this tension as a form of yin yang.

My current body of work of paintings is informed by two apparently opposing styles: sumi-e and gestural abstraction. The former achieves the greatest expression through the fewest carefully executed brush strokes, while the latter relies on the physical act of applying paint to be an integral aspect of the work.

As a student of the written Japanese language, I am intrigued that a series of individually simple strokes, combined, convey complex concepts within a single ideogram. Deconstructed rather than painted according to strictly prescribed stroke sequences, these marks take on a personal meaning that I reveal through color and movement.

In early 2003, I left a 20-year career in corporate communications to make more time in my life for art. I have a Masterís degree in creative writing from the University of Washington. In 2007 I earned a Certificate in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington Extension program. I am a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen. In 2009 I was an artist-in-residence at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle.

To read about my adventures in learning to draw, please visit my blog, Fueled by Clouds & Coffee.


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